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our donors

Jefferson Symphony gratefully acknowledges the members of our evergrowing donor family! These individuals and organizations have demonstrated a commitment to the arts and improving our community. The following reflects gifts and pledges received through December 2021.

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Dr. William Morse Conductor's Endowment 

Larry and Wanda Allen
Theodore and Frani Bickart
Camille Bradford
Robin Cloues
Robert Collins and Pam Brennan
Miriam Dickenson
Michael Eaton
Phyllis Eifler
Glenn Goodrum
Alan and Gretchen Goral

Sheila Grady-McBride

Susan Grant

Angela Gregory

Sallie Gwinn

Jennifer Henderson

David and LInda Kummer

Marion Malinowski
Paula and Jeff Menten
Peter Modreski
Douglas and Laura Moran
Kevin and Kathy O'Connor

Leon and Karen Oxman

Ryan and Karen Pring

John and Kathleen Ratz

Brandy Rivera

Ann Marie Rumley

Dendy and Marjorie Sloan

John Spear

Lisa Sprengeler

Illar and Rose Ann Taht

John and Sharon Trefny

Universal Music Co.

Patron -- $5,000+

Guy* and Helen* Connolly
Colorado Creative Industries
T. Gordon Parks Trust

Conductor -- $1,000+

Kendall* Aubertot**
Theodore and Frani Bickart+
Robert Collins and Pam Brennan
Max di Julio Fund
F. Jack Eastman
Phyllis Eifler
Family of Mary Everitt+
Jim** and Mary Everson
Alan* and Gretchen Goral+
King Soopers
Peter Lyons
Caleb** and Katie* Newquist
Leonard and Alice Perlmutter Foundation
Dendy and Marjorie Sloan+
Wilmot Charitable Fund

Associate -- $500+

David and Zona Butler
Barbara Jackson
Karen* Connolly+
Michael Eaton+
Tommie Gutzman
Barbara Jackson
Athena* Lansing+
Bill Morse*
Kevin and Kathy O'Connor
Stephanie** and Roger Oram 
John** Spear+
John and Sharon Trefny

Colleague -- $250+

Larry** and Wanda** Allen+
Susan Buth*
Ross* and Ava Campbell
Karen Carpenter+
Miriam Dickenson*
Brenda Douglass*
Suzie* and Garrett Doyle
Meg Frantz and David Coren+
Bobby German and Alison McNally
William and Sharon Litz
Douglas* and Laura Moran
Kevin and Kathy O’Connor
Leon and Karen Oxman
Nancy Peterson*
Karen* and Ryan Pring
Bruce and Janice Roberts
Dendy and Marjorie Sloan
Alan and Elizabeth Woodard

Advocate -- $100+

Amazon Smiles Foundation
AT&T (matching gift)
Manie Balch
William and Fenella Bedesem
Gerald and Marjean Bensema
Jack and Joy Brandt+
John Buhr+
Julie Callahan+
Susan Cannon**
Jenny* Chen+
Robin* Cloues+
Ann Copeland
Hille Dais
John Danielson
Kirk Dorn+
Exxon Mobil (matching gift)
Jim and Jo Ferguson+
Mark Foster
Alice Gann and BJ Parks+
Judith Ganschaw and Robert Puccini
Bridget* Gibson+
Glenn* Goodrum
Miyuki Googins+
Thomas and Joan Gosink
Sallie Gwinn+
Donald Hilsberg*
Irene Jennings
Robert and Veronica Knueven
David and Linda* Kummer+
John and MIchele Limon
Richard and Jeannann Lungerhausen
Donald and Alvina Mabry
Donald and Esther Macalady
Marion* Malinowski+
Janice Martin
Paula* and Jeff Menten
Douglas* Moran
Stephanie* Miller+
John and Carolyn Odell
Susan and Brock O’Kelley
Daniel O’Neill
Atsuko* Ohtake+
Leon and Karen Oxman+
Karen* and Ryan Pring+
Frank** and Amy Rabbio
John and Kathleen Ratz+
Ann Marie Rumley**
JJohn* Sandusky+
Kathy Smith and Steve Gebhard
Rose Ann* and Illar Täht
Universal Music Co
Vicki Wallen
Eric West* and Kimberly Taylor+
Robert Williams+
Loraine and Dick Yeatts+

Friend -- $25+

Cynthia Babb
Janet Bartsch+
Glen Carmichael+
Barbara Carver+
Amy* and Guy Chavez+
Keith Corrette+
Barbara Decet
David and Alice Edmiston
Sheila* Grady-McBride+
Vicki Greivel
Dara Hargrave+
Susan Hefner
Jennifer* Henderson+
Diane Heyder+
Jason Kezwer+
Edward and Sharon Lindeman
Dr. Stuart Lovelace
Lawrence** and Suzanne Lucero
Meredith Luckenbill+
Christina and Stephen Manthey+
Roberta Martin+
Alison Michael+
Peter Modreski+
Katherine Monnier+
Elizabeth Nelms*
Kim** and Corey Nelson
Erin O’Neiil+
Robert Rasmussen
Dorinne Reid+
Jennie Ridgley+
Brandu* Rivera+
David and Bette Rosenson
Niña Routh+
Robert Slay
Lisa* Sprengeler+
Robert Storrs+
Monika Taylor
Michael Tinetti
Amanda Trosten-Bloom+
Susan von Roedern +
Amy Young
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