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Jefferson Symphony Orchestra


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The Green Center is a unique building on Colorado School of Mines campus. It houses some 85,000 square feet of event areas comprised of a Grand Lobby, two lecture halls, and a 1,400 seat concert hall. Thus, the Green Center serves the Mines campus as both a community events center and as a campus event facility. As the largest auditorium in Jefferson County, the Green Center seats 1,100 patrons in traditional fully upholstered retracting theater seats.

Read below for parking information and visitor's map.

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Parking at the Green Center...

Located below is a handy map of concert day parking options at the Green Center.

On Sunday's, all visitor parking is available for free...parking fees are not enforced during the weekend.

All parking lots (blue) are within one block of the Green Center.

The Green Center main entrance is on the west side of the building.

ADA accessible parking is available as indicated on the parking map and in each lot.

In order to park in any marked ADA space, a valid ADA placard or license plate is required.

For shuttle service and patron drop-off, we recommend the west side of the building.

Green Center Parking Map.jpg

Green Center - Colorado School of Mines

924 Sixteenth St -- Golden, CO 80401

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