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COVID-19 Protocols
updated March 2022

The following updated concert policy is effective March 31, 2022 and remains in effect until further notice for all Jefferson Symphony Orchestra (JSO) concerts.


In light of new guidance from local, state, and federal agencies, and the policy changes being adopted by area performing arts community, we are relaxing our previous policy for the remainder of this concert season. This policy applies to: concert attendees, concert employees and volunteers.

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will no longer be required to attend Jefferson Symphony Orchestra concerts or Symphony Showcase recitals. Masking is optional.

  • Patrons may wear a mask based on personal preference or risk. While masks are not required, they are recommended. 

  •  If you have a fever, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or other symptoms of illness, or if you have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home. 

This policy is in effect until further notice, but may be updated as circumstances change.


We hope that our patrons can be flexible in their concert planning. Please contact the JSO Office for ticketing optionsduring business hours at 303 278 4237or

We look forward to presenting a great season of live performances for our audiences while working to provide a safe concert environment.

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