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Have you ever attended a symphony performance and found yourself awestruck by the magnificent overture that kicks off the concert? Imagine being part of an audience that not only gets to enjoy these captivating musical pieces but also has the power to choose their favorite one.


In a unique and interactive musical experience, Jefferson Symphony audiences are being given the opportunity to vote for their favorite overture and hear it live at our April 7, 2024, Symphony concert. Voting is now closed.

Join us on April 7 to hear "Your Favorite Overture" at our Young Artist Concert. The winning overture will be announced live during the concert and performed by the Jefferson Symphony.  

Your Favorite Overture


Jefferson Symphony Orchestra is to perform “Your Favorite Overture" at its April 7, 2024, Young Artist Concert. You might be wondering how we are going to figure out what “Your Favorite Overture” is. We are going to let our Jefferson Symphony Association members and audience “vote” for their favorite overture and the winner will be played at the concert.


Here’s how it works
>> The 10 great overtures above have not been played by JSO in the past 20 years, and in most cases, never. Some are familiar, some are not. All are wonderful works that will be a new experience for the JSO to perform.

>> Season ticket holder members and regular orchestra members will get one free vote for their favorite overture to be cast on or before December 9, 2023. Listen to the overtures, choose your favorite for JSO to perform, and cast your vote!

>> After December 9, voting is open to the public. All persons, including those who have “free” votes above, will be allowed to vote for their favorite overture by donating $10.00 per vote to the Jefferson Symphony Association during the period from December 10, 2023 through February 11, 2024. Update: voting is now closed.

Contest Rules →         F.A.Q. page →

Listen & Watch

What is an overture??

over·​ture ::ˈō-vər-ˌchu̇r :: (noun) :: Watch video →
: the orchestral introduction to a musical dramatic work
: an orchestral concert piece written especially as a single movement in sonata form

"Your Favorite Overture"
Spotify Playlist

Discover your Favorite

Felix Mendelssohn: "The Hebrides" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Ambroise Thomas: "Raymond" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Antonin Dvorak: "Othello" Concert Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Jean Sibelius: "The Bard" (symphonic poem)

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Robert Schumann: "Manfred" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Hector Berlioz: "Les franc-juges" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Franz Liszt: "Orpheus" (symphonic poem)

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Gioachino Rossini: "Siege of Corinth" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Franz Schubert: "Rosamunde" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

Ralph Vaughan Williams: "The Wasps" Overture

>> YouTube  |  Overture Info

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