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A concert interview with conductor ARTURO GONZALEZ

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"Music is attached to every important event in life. Symphonic music is transformative, and the full experience happens when you are there in the concert hall."

Dr. J. Arturo Gonzalez was born in Mexico City, Mexico, where he had his initial music training as part of El Sistema in Mexico. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Orchestral Conducting and Piano Performance at the prestigious National Conservatory of Music, Gonzalez completed his Doctoral degree in Conducting at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


As music director and principal conductor, Arturo Gonzalez has directed the El Paso/Las Cruces Chamber orchestra, El Paso Association for the Performing Arts, Ballet/Theatre of the Border, and Colorado Light Opera. He is currently conductor of the Flatirons Symphony Orchestra. For two seasons and three national tours he had the tremendous honor of conducting the National Youth Orchestra of Mexico.


He joins Jefferson Symphony Orchestra on February 12 as our second of three candidate conductors during our 2022/23 season. 

JSO: Tell us 3 words that describe listening to a symphony orchestra.

Arturo Gonzalez: "Profound, exciting, exhilarating."


Share 2 examples why this concert’s programming is exceptional.

AG: The programming is exceptional because "we are playing music of very diverse styles and concepts, and the 'Symphony fantastique' is a trip into the mind of a very particular and eccentric composer."  


In addition, the outstanding programming is due to the fact that Erasmo Solerti is a "superb soloist, because Bruch is a phenomenal composer, and furthermost because the orchestra is going to play their hearts out!"


What are 2 reasons why you should attend any live symphony concert?

AG: "Because in a concert hall is where you get to appreciate the full experience of symphonic music. There, symphonic music is transformative, and it happens when you attend music live."


Share how you got into conducting!

"Long story, but the youth choir at my local church needed a conductor, and since I was the accompanist, I became the permanent sub until they could find a conductor, the rest is history"

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70th Anniversary Winter Concert

Sunday, February 12 at 3:00 p.m.

What is 1 reason why “life is better with music?”

AG: "Because music is attached to every important event in life. A wedding, a memorial service, a Christmas parade, a graduation, etc. We are musical beings, and our brains are wired to interpret music."


"Therefore, it is part of our soul, of our life. So, it is not that life is better with music, but that life is miserable without it."


What is 1 secret to conducting an orchestra?

"Communication; also, compatibility, teamwork, excitement!"


Is there anything else you'd like to mention to our symphony audiences?

"Jefferson Symphony is a group that puts everything on the table. They play with heart and energy. It is for sure one of the best orchestras in Colorado and you are going to seriously enjoy the concert."

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